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Lighting control systems offer companies myriad advantages and benefits ranging from basic energy saving, presence detection and dimming during daylight hours; to timed events, scene setting, audio-visual interfaces, partition linking and numerous other functions.

For more than a decade, Cableplan have been one of Irelandís leading providers of lighting control installations for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, museums, conference centres and schools.

With our dedicated in-house team, Cableplan can design, develop and deliver the ideal system solution, regardless of its size or application. We also provide extensive on site training plus a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual to give companies complete control of their future lighting needs.

Using technology standard plug and play connections, installation couldnít be quicker. While the inherent flexibility of the system enables any future changes to the building layout to be readily made quickly and easily, with a minimum of delay and disruption. The system itself can be reconfigured very simply using a programming handset or through a PC, thus eliminating expensive rewiring costs.






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