Our Data Centres

The modern data centre environment needs to be a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation. The inclusion of an access floor system in your data centre is still the most effective and reliable method of addressing all of the demands of today’s ever evolving data centres while still meeting the everyday needs of its users in a secure and reliable environment.
An access floor system offers your data centre these benefits:
  • Enhanced cooling capabilities and control
  • Accommodate a range of cooling solutions while increasing efficiency and heat load capacities
  • Easily incorporate redundant cooling with a single or multiple cooling strategies
  • Flexibility to incorporate the most energy efficient design opportunities for cooling data centres
  • Easily adapt to technological and client changes over the data centre’s life-cycle at low cost
  • Offers the best overall solution for distributing water and other liquid cooling agents to row and rack based equipment

  • Water distribution lines placed under a raised floor pose less threat in the event of water leaks or condensation due to system failure

  • Provides the ability to separate water, power and cable
  • Terminate cables wherever needed with complete flexibility, accessibility, and unlimited capacity
  • Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible, and adaptable services
  • Underfloor service distribution space keeps the interior space clean and neat for proper air migration in-and-out of equipment.
  • Raised floors provide the platform for future scalability.