Structural access ceilings

For decades, the accepted method for installing accoustical and structural components in data centres was to utilize a dual ceiling structure; both a structural grid and an acoustical ceiling would be attached to the main building structure. With this approach, any heavy items that needed to be supported by the structural grid had to be attached by penetrating the acoustical ceiling and feeding all thread through the hole to connect to the grid above.

But that was before Tate structural ceilings…. Tates latest innovation data centre product allows your facility to combine its structural grid and acoustical ceiling into one cohesive and easy to install unit.

Benefits of Structural Ceilings

  • Replacing traditional site built hanging methods with one manufactured solution allows for the elimination of multiple on-site trades, as well as both initial cost savings and improved installation flexibility now and in the future.
  • By no longer needing to penetrate the accoustical ceiling to hang equipment, you eliminate the threat of generating harmful debris that can potentially damage your data center’s electrical equipment.